How to Give Yourself a Facial

Learn how to give yourself a simple and relaxing facial in just 6 steps!


When touching your face, it’s super important to always sanitise or wash your hands first to ensure that no bad bacteria transfers from your hands to your face. We always use Mylee’s hand sanitiser which dries super quickly!

Step 1: First begin by cleansing (we used Strictly Professional Combination cleanser) the skin to ensure a clean canvas apply your choice of cleanser to a cotton pad and gently apply using upwards circular motions.

Step 2:  Next apply a toner to a cotton and pad again gently applying to the skin using circular motions. Product used Strictly Professional Toner.

Step 3: Exfoliate the skin using your favourite type of exfoliator now this can be whichever formula you prefer we’re using a classic gentle exfoliating scrub to remove those dead skin cells and excess oils, this step will also ensure that the products we’re going to be using next will penetrate into the skin. Product used Strictly Professional Facial Exfoliant.

Step 4: MaskDepending on your current skin concern apply a sheet mask of your choice i.e if your skin is dry opt for a hyaluronic acid sheet mask or alliance out the skin with a green the sheet mask. Relax for 10 -15 minutes. We used Jolee’s rebalancing sheet mask.

Step 5: Hydrateusing your serum of choice apply a few drops of serum onto your finger and gently press the product into your skin, allow 5 minutes for the product to sink in. Product used Pranaturals Vitamin C Serum.

Step 6: Finish by massaging your favourite moisturiser or oil into the skin, begin from your chin using gentle upwards strokes, use this technique all over the face taking extra care around the eye area. Product used Kaeso Rebalancing Moisturiser.