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Black Friday 2018 20/11/2018

Black Friday will be amazing on Just Beauty this year!

Black Friday is nearly upon us, and it will officially fall on 23 November 2018 this year. Black Friday originally started in The U.S., it’s the name given to the day following Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday of November.  It marked the beginning of Holiday shopping season, and it’s now one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Black Friday is definitely going to be interesting this year, as we’re making sure that this Friday will be the best online beauty shopping experience of the year for you. Expect to see some... Read More

Tanning 13/10/2016

The Tanning Commandments

Not had a chance to jet-set to hotter climes this summer but want to look like you have had a week in the Maldives? Of course you do, so don’t worry if you’re still pasty-limbed we have got you covered (literally) from head-to-toe with our top fake tanning tips. Commandment 1 – Thou must exfoliate For a smooth, golden, glamazon body make sure to exfoliate 24 hours before with EcoTan Super Smooth. Putting a tan on dry, uneven skin will leave you with tell-tale patches. Commandment 2 – Thou must... Read More